Cruise to a Different World with a Halong Bay Cruise


Vietnam is a holiday destination which provides a real kind of mystery and magic. In Halong Bay, you will see magnificent views of countless limestone karsts that have shapes which are fascinating seen from the emerald waters. There are also mystical caves that have deep grottoes, floating villages, beautiful beaches, lakes hidden in limestone islands which are hollow and much more.

You can take a Halong Bay cruise to enjoy this modern paradise, and you will discover why UNESCO selected it to be a World Heritage site back in 1994. It is now listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Situated in the Quang North province in the northeastern part of Vietnam, it is also bordered by the Gulf of Tonkin on the south. The Halong Bay promises breathtaking sceneries and a magical experience. The rough translation of the Halong Bay means a bay where the dragon goes into the sea. When you cruise into the bay, you can practically see the dragon of legend descending into the water and observe the different formations as places where its flailing tail made the formations. Get the best luxury halong bay cruise tour here!

You can easily see the animal shapes that inspired the names of the islands which one sees as they take a Halong Bay cruise. Around the bay, you will observe the islets with their quirky descriptive names. Real animals like antelopes, bantams, lizards, monkeys and many birds inhabit the islands of which only a part of them have been named. Nearly all of these islands are regarded as fenglin karsts as they are tower-shaped. They range from 50m to 100m in height, and they have height/width ratios of one to six.

Another fascinating feature is the lakes which you see in the limestone islands found in the interior part. There are six enclosed islands in Dau Be Island and the island also has cave grottoes which tourists can visit by boat when the tides are low.

On the other hand, Dau Go Island is famous for its big and colorful cave that includes numerous stalagmites and stalactites, some of them which are more than twenty meters in height. There are two caves in Bo Hon Island which are well-known attractions -the Hang Bo Nau also known as the Pelican Cave and the Hang Trinh Nu also called the Virgin Cave. The Cat Be Island is most probably the most famous destination on a Halong Bay cruise which is a national park that offers vietnam tours and hikes.


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